Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Peek a Boo Monsters "Guess the Date" Raffle Ticket Boards

 A friend of ours is one of my 11 year-old son's baseball trainers.  He and his wife are expecting twin boys, and she is due in July.  He works at D-Bat training facility in Mansfield, and he also coaches the D-Bat 13 year old select baseball team.  As a fundraiser, he wanted to have a "Guess the date" game(for twins, there is really a great variation as to when they could be born!).  I made calendars for him with two small tickets in a little pocket for each day am/pm that a ticket could be purchased for.  I perforated the bottom edges so that they would have a receipt of the  day/time that was purchased.    He said the baby boys' room would be decorated in "Peek a Boo Monsters" bedding, and that they would love to have the calendars match that theme...

                                                          So, here they are...May...


and July!!!

   I think he said that so far, he had sold 40 tickets!  Yea!!! 
 I'd better get my ticket purchased before they're all gone!!  lol  

         P.S.  Any ideas on what day/time I should choose?!?!
 No matter what day they come, I sure am excited to hold those lil' monsters!!
~  Shelley   xoxo

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