Friday, December 30, 2016

Softball Signing Party

 One of our good friends signed with UTA this year to play softball...full ride!  This was her signing party last year!

 Here is the Cookie stand I made for her.  These were items from the dollar store that I spray painted then glued together using a glue gun.  

Here it is with cookies on it!

 Here is the signing table and the front table with goodies on it!

 Here are some other stands that I made to hold sunflower seeds...I put the softball in there for decoration.  I ended up tying the balloons to these and using them for table decorations for the side tables!

 Painting in the garage!

 I couldn't resist putting this pic in of good friends enjoying the benefits of a good party!

 In the top pic, you can see how the balloons are tied to the little sunflower seed holders I made!

 Here, you can see the layout pretty well!

 That's our girl!  Way to go, Mariah!

 I bought little glass dishes from the dollar store, put sunflower seeds in them, and decorated them up right, using some of her great softball pics!

 Cookie pic!

 A couple of the side tables with the decorations!

 My son and another friend enjoying the party!

Another pic and decoration!
She had a blast!  Now, we are about to enjoy her playing at UTA, as Spring Softball is coming up...

Thanks for looking!


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