Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BOMBERS painted sneakers

 My son plays baseball on the BOMBERS, an 11U youth baseball team.  In June, they played in the AAYBA World Series in Flower Mound, Texas.  To show some extra spirit, I bought some white canvas sneakers and painted them in BOMBERS' fashion!  I put some pics of my shoes on Facebook, and my best friend, whose son is on the same team, demanded that she have a pair also!  lol

 This is her pair! painted them with acrylic paint, using several different sizes of paint brushes...mostly tiny!

For the BOMBERS pattern, I used the same design as our pins that our boys got to trade with the other teams.   This was definitely the hardest part of the shoes.

 Here is my son's towel with the pins he collected from other teams.

Here is a close-up of a few of the pins.  The BOMBERS pin I painted on the shoe is right in the middle!

 Peace. love, and baseball!!!

 Her son's name is Jake!!

 These shoes are "#2's MOM"!!  

 Baseball flowers, of course!!

 On this side, I painted "AAYBA World Series" to commemorate our special week!

I think they turned out pretty well!  Besides mine and my friend, Kelli's, I also made my eight year old daughter a pair!  Anything for the BOMBERS!!

 Kelli (on the left), and I (on the right), showing off our BOMBERS sneakers with Terri(in the middle)!

 The BOMBER sisters!!  Macy is the 2nd one from the right, wearing the white t-shirt and holding 2 dolls.  She is wearing her painted shoes, but you can barely see them.

 Poor Jacob, one of our teams members, broke his thumb in one of the games, and had to return the next day with a cast on it!  He was pretty disappointed.  I painted his cast with the BOMBER symbol to try to cheer him up!!

Myself, my husband, and my kids!

The BOMBERS ended up winning 15th in the Diamond Division, which made us 31st in 84 teams! We were pretty happy with that, especially for our first year at the World Series! Good job, boys!  We love you!!