Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Make-n-Take


My Make-n-Take for the Make-n-Take Madness at The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Texas from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, April 13th!
See the previous post below for details!

Make~n~Take Madness at The Crafty Scrapper

The Crafty Scrapper
308 South College Street
Waxahachie, Texas 75165

Monday ~ Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday 10am-midnight
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday Closed

Wow, I cannot believe its been 8 years since I opened the store! It truly has been a journey of ups & downs, meeting and making new friends, a lot of learning, growing personally & creatively and many many blessings. I am blessed to have an fantastic  creative team, hard working employees and the best customers...thank you!

We want to celebrate turning 8 and ignite your creativity by spending the day with our talented teachers and designers as we mix, mingle, and most importantly CREATE! Purchase your  Make-n-Take Madness  ticket for just $20, and finish 1 make-n-take or all 10 for the same price! We will have scratch off discounts from 10% ~ 40% with 3 BIG prizes valued $50~$300, giveaways, birthday cake and much much more....so come help us celebrate!

Saturday April 13th 2013
$20 (for your MNT ticket)
Purchase your ticket starting today. Must participate in make~n~take, there will be no kits available.
Limited number of tickets. 

And now without further ado, here’s a peek at our MNT Team and the fabulous projects that you will create!

Introducing Carolyn Ross.......
Crafty Scrapper Owner/Teacher/Designer

I am inspired by colors, patterns and anything old and vintage. My love of gardening inspires me the most!
Who inspires me? Besides all the wonderful friends I have meant along the way in the design world, I would have to say my son. Watching him grow, changing and all the crazy things he does make me what to capture the moment by creating something that will stay with me forever.

Introducing Gena Glover.......
Crafty Scrapper Store Manager/Teacher/Designer

My inspiration in found in so many things... family, nature, wonderful products and teachers and designers.
I am very blessed to work at the store and interact with so many talented people.


Introducing Anita Scroggins.......
Crafty Scrapper Teacher/Designer

I am inspired by everything around me! I usually start with my photos and go from there. I love to pull my supplies out and find new ways to use them too. The whole creative process is part of my daily routine - every single day. 
 ~ Anita


Introducing Jim Hankins (The Gentlemen Crafter)....

I am inspired by so many aorist's and designers. To name a few, Dyan Reaveley, Tim Holtz, Dina Wakley and Donna Downey. Each has their own special way to "do" art and from each I take inspiration.
  I love paper crafting and find inspiration for my paper projects from just driving down the street and observing life. There are so many interesting things to out there to take note of and mimic when creating.
~ Jim

Introducing Sonia Doneghue.....
Crafty Scrapper Designer

 My inspiration is found in everyday life. I am constantly framing things in my head...images of trees at sunset, an elderly lady crossing the street with groceries in tow, a runaway balloon ascending into the clouds, the fastener on a seat back tray in an airplane, my pup's nose, freckles on cheeks...all very ordinary, but extraordinary in my eyes.
I am inspired by music, by the way a complete stranger can sing words that are fragments of something I am feeling or have felt. Being an aural person, when I hear those fragments I am instantly transferred to that place, to that time. Words alone are powerful, but put some music notes behind them and those words take flight!
I could go on and on about all of the things that inspire me but I think I have given you a good idea. Although I LOVE to buy craft supplies…papers, embellishments, chipboard, stamps, etc., those things do not necessarily inspire me. However, they do allow me a very unique and beautiful way to filter out the stream of consciousness, the love, the hurt, the anger, the funnies, and even the ridiculous things that go on in my head, in my heart.

I have had two constant inspirations in my life, my parents. I was blessed with my mother’s creative nature, and my father’s appreciation for music. I am also inspired by artists such as Kelly Rae Roberts. Kelly Rae is amazing and inspirational and many are surprised that I own so many of her pieces. Although I have been known to create some “not so positive” pieces of work, I do surround myself daily, whether in my office or at home, with encouraging tokens of art. As I look around the room now, I see “Our dreams give us wings…”, “Express yourself, do something creative.”, “She lived her heart’s glowing truth every single day.”, “Put your heart into it!” and an over sized eraser that says “For BIG Mistakes”. Hehehe.
~ Sonia


Introducing Shelley Hamilton.......
Crafty Scrapper Teacher/Design team

What inspires me: new techniques and products
Who inspires me: anyone who enjoys creating
 ~ Shelley

Introducing Frank Vento......
Crafty Scrapper Teacher

What Inspires Me? Everything...from the turning cogs of a clock, to the colorful hues of the evening skies.
Who Inspires Me? Everyone. Everyone has something in them that makes them unique....to ignore those aspects of other people robs me of the opportunity to be inspired by their differences.
~ Frank


Introducing Tina Covington........
Crafty Scrapper Teacher
Who inspires you? I really can't answer this question with an individual person. I am going with all the stampers in blogland, as I get so many of my ideas from other blogs, pinterest, stamping forums, etc.
What inspires you? My creativity comes from many different places. It might be a set of stamps, or a great sketch (as most of my cards begin with a sketch), or pretty papers. Or, it might be something not related to stamping at all, like a photograph or a combination of colors. I never know what might inspire me and allow my creativity to flow.
~ Tina

Introducing Patty Rogers.......
Crafty Scrapper Designer

Inspiration for my paper crafting comes from nature, love of art, human relationships, family history and stories. Most importantly, I am inspired by family members, both living and those who are no longer with us.


Introducing Christy Gilbreath.....
Teacher/Designer & Sales Rep.

Inspiration for me comes from many different angles. I love color and flowers. Anything floral that has the touch of Spring will set my mind to create. A rainbow of colors are the most fascinating things to me. I am drawn to colors, bright cheerful colors! I love whimsical fun products to create with.
 Who inspires me? Depends. Most of the time it is the cheerfulness of my grand kids. I love to create with them in mind. I find a lot of inspiration from their energy and the way they see the world.
~ Christy

We have a special guest joining us from 10~noon ONLY
Introducing Caroline Lau......

Maya Road

What inspires me? Seeing people in all different stages of paper crafting using Maya Road products.
 Who inspires me? My two kids - Noah and Olivia

Feel free to call the store with any questions

Monday, March 18, 2013

Baseball Book

 For those of you that know me, you know that me and my best friend make baseball albums for our sons' baseball team every season(that's two books per year per child), for a total of around 22 books per year!  This one is the last one we made---for Fall 2012.  For this one, we used Maya Road books covered with burlap(my friend cut and sewed the covers), wooden tags, and wooden numbers.  We used cut out pieces of paper that represented which positions each boy played.  Their number was on the front of the album.

 We tried to make the insides simple.  Easier said than done!  lol
I should mention that I take all of the pictures for the albums.  I took around 3000 pictures last fall!  Yes, I have a sickness!  I love it!

 All of the pictures have to be edited, sorted through, then printed out for each child! 
Sometimes by the time we get to making the album, we are already tired!  lol

 Kelli had the awesome idea of spelling out "BOMBERS" with tabs on the right-hand side of each page.  We stamped these letters on canvas tape.    We were pleased with how it turned out!

 I got a little more adept with some editing skills this year!

 The picture on the left shows her son and my son exchanging some congratulatory hand shake or something after Jake(her son) struck a batter out.  This was right after the strike-out...still in the game.  So cute!!

 Jake's dad, the head coach, and my son, Evan!

 Evan bunting and catching a fly ball!

 Evan batting on the left, and Evan running home from 3rd, with my husband (assistant coach) behind him!

 Evan hits a home run with this hit(on the left)!!   This year, we used one of the stickers that can be read back with a smart phone.  We recorded each boy saying "Thank you", etc. to his parents, and had them keep it as a surprise for them when we gave out these books at the team party at the end of the season!

 Back of the album, showing the burlap and zipper trim by Maya Road.

Close-up of the front of the album!

I hope you enjoyed looking at our baseball album!
I enjoyed sharing!!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ford Lighted Box

This is a wooden keepsake box that I altered with paper, stickers, and a light on the front!  The light mechanism is by Tim Holtz.  I changed the fixture, though, to look a bid more industrial.  I used the inside of a cheap flashlight, and painted it and the cord silver.  The fact that the light actually works made it pretty cool!



Tags and pictures in the envelope on the back side.


I painted the edges and papered the sides, and lined the inside of the box with felt.  I glued the battery down so that nothing moves when you open the box.

Overall, I was pleased with the project and with the pictures my husband had taken of my son went perfectly on it!

I hope you enjoyed looking!  
Check back for more projects soon!!


Soccer Altered Shadowbox

Altered project I made for Splash of Color for Winter CHA!

The shadowbox is made out of wood, and I covered it with Viva Inka Gold to give it the pretty green color!  I used Stone Effect Paste in Graphite to achieve the textured look on the outside!

Basketball Box Project

Shelley, here, with an altered project that I made for winter CHA!
It's a wooden box that holds 4"x4" pictures, and it's on a swivel, so it turns!

I used Christine Adolph's ALL HOOPS Collection!  Isn't it cool?!

The box works like four picture frames.  You slide in the pictures from the inside of the box, and there is glass that covers each one.
I painted all edges of the box first with Viva Colour Precious Metal Effect Paint in Gold.  I then papered all of the sides and the top of the box with paper.

For the silver edges, I used a base coat, then Inka Gold Metallic Rub in Haematite on strips of paper, then glued these on the edges.  It looks like the edges are metal!

I installed a trophy topper on the top of the box, after I covered it in the base coat and the Inka Gold Metallic Rub in Haematite.  This topper started out as a shiny gold, and it is made out of plastic.  Using these products, it made it look like  pewter, and I really loved the look!

Here is a picture with the lid of the box removed.  For the lid, I made a couple of mini-magazines, and adhered them.

For the inside of the box, I made a tiny album as a bonus!  It just housed a few pictures, and was a fun addition to the box!


I used rub-ons and scrap paper and stickers to embellish the mini book.

I lined the inside of the box with felt, as to finish it out.

Lastly, I used some brown and white twine around the bottom and the top of the box!
I hope you've enjoyed looking at my project.  I've enjoyed sharing it with you!!

~  Shelley

Products Used:
All Hoops Paper
All Hoops Cardstock sticker
My Court Paper
Slam Dunk Paper
Viva Precious Metal Effect Paint in Gold
Viva Inka Gold Metallic Rub Base Coat in Smoky Blue
Viva Inka Gold Metallic Rub in Haematite
Basketball Rub-Ons