Friday, April 4, 2014

Funky Cheetah Gift Bags and Mini Basketball Albums for Basketball Party

 Here are some basketball items I made and want to share with you!
 These are the gift bags that I used for the mini albums I made for my little girl's basketball team!
 I painted white gift bags with Sky Blue Silks Acrylic Glaze and African Jade Silks Acrylic Glaze, leaving some white spaces for where the spots would go later.  I then cut a large heart out of random black and/or grey basketball paper, and glued it in the middle of the sack.
I painted the spots with Key Lime Silks Acrylic Glaze.  After these completely dried, I used Black Ice Silks Acrylic Glaze around the spots.
 I then punched out a tag out of aqua cardstock, stamped a basketball on it and painted the basketball with Kiwi Luminarte Twinling H20.  I then finished it off with a few curly ribbons on the tag and on the handle of the bag!
Here are the books I made for the girls that went in the bags!  I put around 10 pictures in each one of the albums!
Here is a close-up of the front of the album!
Here is the back of the album!
Here is Team SWISH after winning the Championship!!
Here are the bags, sitting with the Championship trophy at the end-of-the season party!   We were proud of our girls!
Here is my little baller with her goodie bag!!

Thanks for looking!  I hope you enjoyed it!
~ Shelley

Splash of Color Products
 Sky Blue ~ Silks Acrylic Glaze 1 oz. jar
Key Lime ~ Silks Acrylic Glaze 1 oz. jar
Black Ice ~ Silks Acrylic Glaze 1 oz. jar
Kiwi ~ Luminarte Twinkling H20s Grande 10 gram

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!!

Here is my Birthday ATC project!

I started with our real wood ATC and added Viva Modeling Cream with a zebra stencil.  In order to make the cream the pretty purple color, I mixed in a bit of Lavender Primary Elements in the cream before using it with the stencil.  After this completely dried, I painted the remaining wood with several coats of Mediterranean Blue Luminarte Twinkling H20.

I used some Viva White Stone Effect Paste mixed with Cinnamon Primary Elements powder, and put it on the top of the cupcake for the icing.  I then sprinkled some glass beads on it while it was still wet.  I painted the candle with Viva Turquoise Precious Metal Effect and the flame with Viva Orange Pearl Pen.
For the cupcake holder, I used the white eyelet ribbon from May Arts and sprayed it with Periwinkle Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist.  For the bow, I used white May Arts ribbon painted with the Turquoise Precious Metal Effect Paint somewhat sparsely.
To finish off the ATC, I used a few birthday sentiments!
I hope you guys enjoyed looking, I certainly enjoyed sharing it with you!!
Don't forget to comment on our blog and on May Arts blog to win the prize!!
Good luck!  Have fun with the Blog Hop!!


Splash of Color Products
Cherry Wood ATC

 Viva Pearl Modeling Cream
Mediterranean Blue Luminarte Twinkling H20
Viva White Stone Effect Paste
Viva Turquoise Precious Metal Effect Paint
Viva Orange Pearl Pen
Periwinkle Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist

May Arts Products
White Eyelet Trim #447
White Faux Linen Trim

Canvas: Peace, Love, and Softball

Shelley here, with a canvas I painted for my daughter!

It's a painted canvas with a few of her softball pictures on it!  She's going to be anxious to hang this in her room!

I started with a 14"x18" canvas, and glued three photos down toward the bottom.  I then used black cardstock to fashion the film strip around them, and glued this down, also.

I then drew the peace sign, heart, and softball on the canvas, and painted the whole canvas, including the symbols and the background using Splash of Color's Silks Acrylic Glace and Splash of Color's Viva Colour Precious Metal Effect Paints.  For the background, I just made a few large paintstrokes with one color, let it dry, then did another color, etcetera, until I was happy with it.  You will get a more pronounced look if you wait for each color to thoroughly dry before putting the next color down.

Here is a side-view.  I went ahead and painted the sides of the canvas the same way as I did the background, as I do not plan on framing it.  Another technique I have used before is to glue buttons on the sides to dress it up a bit!

To make the cardstock look like a film strip, I used Splash of Color's Viva Colour Silver Metal Effect Paint on the edges.  To make the peace sign, heart, and softball show up well, I outlined them with Splash of Colors's Viva Colour Graphite Paper Pen.  This should be done toward the end of the project, as it will need to completely dry.   For the softball laces, I used Splash of Color's Viva Colour Red Gitter Pen.  On the heart, I used red glitter sparsely.
On the top portion of the canvas, I embellished with hot pink tulle and buttons that I stamped myself, along with a bit of twine.
Lastly, I wrote the words "Peace", "Love", and "Softball" on the respective items, using a fine tip black marker.  On the film strip, I used a thin white marker to write my daugher's name, team name, and when the picture was taken.
My little girl loved it, and I had fun making it for her, and sharing it with you!!!   I hope you enjoyed looking!  Have a great day!
Shelley Hamilton

Splash of Color Products Used
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Pink Azalea
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Color Berry
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Pink Grapefruit
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Carmen
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Sunburst
Viva Silver Precious Metal Effect Paint
Viva Purple Precious Metal Effect Paint
Viva Turquoise Precious Metal Effect Paint
Viva Red Glitter Pen
Viva Graphite Paper Pen

Other materials used
14"x18" canvas
Black cardstock
Thin white and black markers
Hot pink tulle
Hot pink buttons stamped with tiger stripe stamp in black ink
Pink and White twine
Red glitter

Altered Project: Wooden Spool-Baseball

Shelley, here, with an altered project, using a Melissa Frances Spool Photo Holder and some awesome Viva Colour products!
I began with a wooden Melissa Frances wooden spool.  I first distressed it by using a file in many places.  Then, I used Viva Colour Gold Crackle Paint over several parts of it to give an old look.

The corner scrolls are by Melissa Frances, also, and are just the thing for this photo ATC!  I used the file on these, then painted them with Black China Luminarte Twinkling H20.   After letting this dry, I added some Viva Colour Gold in "Gold" and some Viva Colour Gold Crackle Paint.  I layered these products, until I achieved the looked that I wanted.
On the ring holder, I used Viva Colour Inka Gold "Gold".  I used a wood ATC and glued a black and white photo on it.  I heavily distessed the edges of the photo and the card itself.  I painted over all of the edges with Black China Luminarte Twinkling H20.  I then glued down the corners.  After getting everything down where I wanted it, I used a stamp on the edge of the photo and card.  I then touched up all of the card and corners with the Viva Colour Inka Gold "Gold", Viva Colour Gold Crackle Paint, Black China Luminarte Twinkling H20, and Viva Colour Silver Precious Metal Effect Paint.

You can see toward the top of the spool and in the middle, the Viva Colour Inka Gold in "Gold" that I have wiped in the scratches made by the file.  On the bottom part, you can see the crackle paint.

Thanks for looking!  I hope you enjoyed it, and will give these products a try!!

Splash of Color Products
Viva Gold Crackle Paint
Viva Inka Gold in "Gold"
Black China Luminarte Twinkling H20
Viva Silver Precious Metal Effect Paint
Cherry Wood ATC pack

Football Album

Shelley, here, with an album I made for my son's football pictures!
On this page, I embellished the middle of the paper with some cool Splash of Color rub-ons.  They come in several different sports, and I LOVE them!!
On the "tigers" title, I painted the chipboard black, then completely covered with Viva Colour Paint Pen in "Black Pearl".  It gave the word dimension and shine!


I used Silks Acrylic Glaze in "Black Ice" in several places on the album, including the edges.  This paint covers nicely, and this particular color has shiny metallic flakes in it for a beautiful pop!

I used cut-outs from Splash of Color's End Zone paper on this page, and throughout the book.

I was happy with how this album turned out, and I am so glad you stopped to look!
Have a crafty weekend!!

Splash of Color Products Used

Viva Dimensional Pearl Paint Pen in "Black Pearl"

End Zone Double-Sided Paper

Touchdown Swatch Pack
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Black Ice

Fall Football Poster

Shelley, here, with a fun football poster!

My 11 year-old son plays football, and his team got to play a special game at the University of Texas at Arlington's stadium.  This was a real treat for the boys, and we made some posters to honor our team!!
This poster with the little football player on it was one of mine.  I had a terrible time trying to paint the posterboard with poster paint.  So, with no hesitation, I dug into my Splash of Color goodies, and found this awesome orange color to paint his jersey.  This paint is Ginger Peach Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist!  I poured it into  a cup, then painted away!  This beautiful color saturated the posterboard right away, with no problems at all.  The other mothers were very impressed at how sparkly and shiny the paint looked on the board!


My daughter, showing off the poster!  She actually made several posters, herself, and all of them had beautiful colors in them!
Ginger Peach Luminarte Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist

Thanks for looking!  I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you!

Sugar Skull

Shelley, here, with a skull for Halloween!!
Here is the plastic skull that I started with...
And, this is how it turned out after using a bunch of Splash of Color products on it!!
I began by using Viva Colour Inka Gold Metallic Rub Base Coat, and letting it dry overnight.  I then used Viva Inka Gold in Silver.  This is a cream that is so fun to use, and the result is just stunning!  You put on the cream, then buff it until it shines!
I then used Silks Acrylic Glaze in Black ice to paint all of the parts on the skull that are black.
I used a white gel pen to make the white markings on the skull.
"BEFORE" side view...
"AFTER" side view!!!
"El dia de los muertos"
I used paintable flowers and painted with the Black Ice Silks.  I painted the other flowers with Viva Precious Metal Effects Paint in Turquoise, Blackberry, and Purple.  I used Marah Johnson's Hallow's Eve die cut pieces to adorn the flowers, and I also placed a few pieces of bling on the skull.
Thanks for looking, and have a  s p o o k y  weekend!!
Splash of Color Products
Viva Colour Inka Gold Metallic Rub Base Coat
Viva Colour Silver Inka Gold Metallic Rub
Silks Acrylic Glaze in Black Ice
Viva Colour Precious Metal Effect paint in Turquoise
Viva Colour Precious Metal Effect paint in Blackberry
Viva Colour Precious Metal Effect paint in Purple
Hallow's Eve die cut Cardstock Shapes

Birthday Box

Shelley, here, with a little birthday surprise! 
TIG_0921's a wooden box decorated with Splash of Color's Birthday Cake paper
 and May Arts super-pretty ribbon! 
I covered each side of the box with the paper that I liked.  I edged the box with purple ink.  I embellished the front with Viva Colour's Paper Pens in several colors.  I cut out a few sayings, and put them on some beautiful May Arts lace.
I tied some ribbon on the handle of the box, and it was done!
Thank you for looking!

Splash of Color Products

May Arts Ribbon

Little Girl Canvas

Shelley, here, with a canvas I painted for my friend's little girl!
I began with a canvas, drew my sketch, and begin painting with Splash of Color's awesome Silks Acrylic Glazes and embellishing with their Viva Colour Glitter Pens.  The beautful colors really brightened this little girl up!
To give a more 3D look, I made a bow out of May Arts ribbon to put in her hair!
After I was satisfied with the front, I glued buttons around the edges of the canvas to give it a more finished look.
This was so fun, that you've got to give it a try!
Get yourself a canvas, and go for it!  It was fun and easy, too!

I hope I've inspired you to try your own!  Thanks for looking, and be sure to come back for more inspiration! 

Splash of Color Products
#8 filbert paint brush

Christmas Album

Shelley, here, with a Christmas Album to share with you!
This album has a neat acrylic front, so I put a few things on it, but not too many.  That way, the pretty paper shows up nicely from underneath!
I used buttons, tulle, buttons, bling, and strips of paper on the front side of this acrylic page.
This is what it looks like on the other side.  Notice I only embellished exacly on the other side of the embellishments on the first side.  That way, you don't see any of the back side of embellishments(or any glue).

On this page, I used Red Viva Pearl Pens to help give dimension to the already beautiful paper.  This paper is by Creative Imaginations, the company that now is SPLASH OF COLOR.

I used a sticker, pop dots, and some twine to make this page.

Up close, you can see the lovely Pearl Pen by Viva.  These pens are awesome, and I absolutely have EVERY color!!  I use these as frequently as I use any item in my studio!  Love them!!

More Viva, more paper, and a touch of flowers and some tinsel make this page twinkle!

This is my daughter at her Christmas play last year!  She is a sweetie and I love her so!

Here, just a few stickers, some writing around the edge, and more of the wonderful pearls!


Here, a few mini-ornaments and bling brighten up the page!

On the roof top, here, I used cut up strips of tissue paper, then painted it with Splash of Color's Silks in African Jade.  I hope you can see the shine.  It is a beautiful color of paint!  After this completely dried, I used the Red Viva Pearl Pen!


This paper is Cream Music by Splash of Color.  I painted it lightly with watered-down Olive Vine Silks to give it just a hint of color.

This is the back of the album!
I hope you enjoyed looking here today, and I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration for the upcoming HOLIDAY!
Stay warm, peeps!!
 Splash of Color Products

Red Viva Pearl Paint Pen
Ice Pearl Viva Pearl Paint Pen
Green Pearl Viva Pearl Paint Pen
Silks Acrylic Glaze - African Jade
Silks Acrylic Glaze - Olive Vine
Cream Music Paper 12"x12"