Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love and Respect signs for Rush Creek Church

The pastor at our church asked the congregation to make some signs and take pictures of them for our Facebook pages.  They were to say "Love" and "Respect" to generate interest in his upcoming series at church.  Since I had just returned from CHA in California, I decided to do something similar to what we had done in Dyan Reaveley's class there!  So, I led our Life Group after church on Sunday in making these signs!  They had a great time, and the signs were awesome!

This is a picture of myself and my husband!  Good job, honey!!

And, he said wasn't crafty!  Whatevs!!

James and Amy did a fantastic job, as well!!

Cami and Trey's signs were groovy!

Kathy and Raul did a great job!!

Macy couldn't be left out, either!  Hers might have been the very best one!!

Cami and Trey are our leaders for LifeGroup! 

This was such a fun time!  Try it yourself, sometime!!

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