Monday, March 18, 2013

Baseball Book

 For those of you that know me, you know that me and my best friend make baseball albums for our sons' baseball team every season(that's two books per year per child), for a total of around 22 books per year!  This one is the last one we made---for Fall 2012.  For this one, we used Maya Road books covered with burlap(my friend cut and sewed the covers), wooden tags, and wooden numbers.  We used cut out pieces of paper that represented which positions each boy played.  Their number was on the front of the album.

 We tried to make the insides simple.  Easier said than done!  lol
I should mention that I take all of the pictures for the albums.  I took around 3000 pictures last fall!  Yes, I have a sickness!  I love it!

 All of the pictures have to be edited, sorted through, then printed out for each child! 
Sometimes by the time we get to making the album, we are already tired!  lol

 Kelli had the awesome idea of spelling out "BOMBERS" with tabs on the right-hand side of each page.  We stamped these letters on canvas tape.    We were pleased with how it turned out!

 I got a little more adept with some editing skills this year!

 The picture on the left shows her son and my son exchanging some congratulatory hand shake or something after Jake(her son) struck a batter out.  This was right after the strike-out...still in the game.  So cute!!

 Jake's dad, the head coach, and my son, Evan!

 Evan bunting and catching a fly ball!

 Evan batting on the left, and Evan running home from 3rd, with my husband (assistant coach) behind him!

 Evan hits a home run with this hit(on the left)!!   This year, we used one of the stickers that can be read back with a smart phone.  We recorded each boy saying "Thank you", etc. to his parents, and had them keep it as a surprise for them when we gave out these books at the team party at the end of the season!

 Back of the album, showing the burlap and zipper trim by Maya Road.

Close-up of the front of the album!

I hope you enjoyed looking at our baseball album!
I enjoyed sharing!!


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  1. Awesome!!! Love the burlap cover! Fab pages too! We had our opening ceremonies tonight!