Thursday, January 15, 2015

BLAZE Softball Necklaces

Here are the necklaces that I made for the mothers on our team!  They are pics of their girls under glass.  I soldered them together, then hung some special little danglies from the bottom!

                                                              Here are some close-ups!

I didn't want the girls to feel left out, so I made them these little bottle cap necklaces to wear outside of game time!

I found the print outs on Etsy, then put them in the bottle caps with some Glossy Accents glue.  Then, I used a bit of bling to finish them off!

                          I stamped these little bags, then colored the images with copic markers.

I gave them to the girls and told them there was something for them in the bags and something for their mothers!  They seemed to be pretty pleased!

I tried to make each bag look just like the girl it was for.  I put their actual number on the cap!

I hope you enjoyed looking!  Check back for more recent projects!  These were from Spring 2014!  lol

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