Monday, February 17, 2014

Christmas Album

Shelley, here, with a Christmas Album to share with you!
This album has a neat acrylic front, so I put a few things on it, but not too many.  That way, the pretty paper shows up nicely from underneath!
I used buttons, tulle, buttons, bling, and strips of paper on the front side of this acrylic page.
This is what it looks like on the other side.  Notice I only embellished exacly on the other side of the embellishments on the first side.  That way, you don't see any of the back side of embellishments(or any glue).

On this page, I used Red Viva Pearl Pens to help give dimension to the already beautiful paper.  This paper is by Creative Imaginations, the company that now is SPLASH OF COLOR.

I used a sticker, pop dots, and some twine to make this page.

Up close, you can see the lovely Pearl Pen by Viva.  These pens are awesome, and I absolutely have EVERY color!!  I use these as frequently as I use any item in my studio!  Love them!!

More Viva, more paper, and a touch of flowers and some tinsel make this page twinkle!

This is my daughter at her Christmas play last year!  She is a sweetie and I love her so!

Here, just a few stickers, some writing around the edge, and more of the wonderful pearls!


Here, a few mini-ornaments and bling brighten up the page!

On the roof top, here, I used cut up strips of tissue paper, then painted it with Splash of Color's Silks in African Jade.  I hope you can see the shine.  It is a beautiful color of paint!  After this completely dried, I used the Red Viva Pearl Pen!


This paper is Cream Music by Splash of Color.  I painted it lightly with watered-down Olive Vine Silks to give it just a hint of color.

This is the back of the album!
I hope you enjoyed looking here today, and I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration for the upcoming HOLIDAY!
Stay warm, peeps!!
 Splash of Color Products

Red Viva Pearl Paint Pen
Ice Pearl Viva Pearl Paint Pen
Green Pearl Viva Pearl Paint Pen
Silks Acrylic Glaze - African Jade
Silks Acrylic Glaze - Olive Vine
Cream Music Paper 12"x12"

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