Friday, December 30, 2016

American Freedom Softball Albums and Elf Christmas Bags

 Here are the little scrapbooks I made for Macy's softball team from last year.  I made one for each girl and one for each of the two coaches.  I went with the Captain America theme...the books look like part of his shield!  lol
 Here is what the front of the album looked like.  The front and the back had a base of just chipboard that I cut out of larger sheets from Michael's.  I glued a piece of white paper down on them(so the colors would show up brightly), then painted them. 
 I punched hoes on the sides, and bound the book with rings and put ribbon on them.

 On the inside, the pages were just white paper, embellished with red white and blue patterned paper, and I embellished lightly!  My husband and I took the pics, as always, so we had plenty shots of each girl!

 Here is the little elf bag I painted for them.  I saw a bag that was similar, and I just drew the image on each bag, then painted them.  I put the album in the bag such that the ribbons on the side of the album ended up sticking up from the bag...made me think of a petticoat on a girl elf!  Also, that is supposed to be a BAT (the blue thing).  It was a funny skinny bat!  lol

Here are all of the bags underneath the tree right before they opened them at their Christmas party last year!

One thing that I added to them last minute were the little the elf shoes!  I poked a hole in the bag, put the gingle bell hole through the bag hole, then safety-pinned them on the inside, this way, the little bells actually jingled!

Hope you enjoyed looking!

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