Monday, December 5, 2016

Mignon Birthday Party

Macy's 10th Birthday Party!  She did Mignons!

I made the little centerpieces out of cut-outs and plastic holders from the dollar store.   I used washi tape and colored tissue paper, also.   I printed out pieces for the little whistles and small discs, too!

Here are the treat bags!  They were pretty easy.  I started out with yellow and purple gift bags, then I just cut out the pieces from cardstock, glued them on, and they were done!

Here is a pic of the little doily-backed pics that I put on the whistles...and I put blue and yellow curly ribbon on practically everything!

Here is one of the little pieces that I put a mignon cut-out on.

Larger gift bags that housed her "real" present!  I did these the same way as the treat bags, but I just started out with larger bags to begin with!  lol

The little girl centerpiece was hilarious.  To make her goggles look real, I covered the part that would be glass with Glossy Accents(a glue)!

I got the little plastic dishes and scoops at Party City!

And before you knew it, it was done!  lol

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