Friday, December 30, 2016

Painted Hutch

 Ok, so I started out with a wood hutch that I had, but that really didn't match my style.  I was afraid to do it, but somehow gathered the courage, and made this happen.  I used the above spray paint!

 Here is the top part of the hutch, and you can still see some of the wood color.

 Here is a little farther along with a drawer on the top.  I painted the inside of the hutch and the inside of the drawers black!

 Here are the drawers being painted...
 Bottom part of the hutch in the middle of the process!

 A finished drawer!
 A little more finished...
 Another drawer!
 The glass part was a bit difficult to manipulate around, but I didn't want any brushstrokes, so I refused to used a brush...went with the spray was more fun, too!

 I put the original hardware back on the hutch after painting the pieces black to match the inside of the hutch.

 Here is the finished product!  After painting it, I sprayed it with some wax, then rubbed in it...probably using that towel you see in the

Here, I was trying to show how the inside of the drawers looked painted black!  I really loved how they turned out!
Thanks so much for looking!


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