Saturday, December 31, 2016

Softball Birthday Party

Here is Macy's 11th Birthday party...from 2015.  She was playing in a world series during her birthday week, so we hauled all of her birthday party stuff to the hotel and had her party after one of the games!  Big fun!

 Here, you can see some of the decorations...

 Evan helped me make the trophy out of plastic bowls and the like from Party City. We used a glue gun to put it all together, then painted it, and made the medallion and the flags.

 the whole party table...

 We made a sucker ball for decoration!

 Here are her little treat bags!

 We made rocky candy bats in the colors of her team!

A closer view of the trophy filled with balls!

Little star shaped candy dishes filled with small chocolate candies.  These are small foam fingers with a wooden pop stuck in the with some tulle and a bling embellishment!

These are mason jars spray painted with chalk paint.  The tops are from a trophy shop.  They were gold and I painted them silver.  I poked a hole in the top of the jar, then screwed the toppers onto the jar.  They were filled with popcorn.  To finish the look I added ribbon and a softball embellishment!

 I used a candy medallion spray painted silver, then cut out a wolf out of paper and glued it on.   I attached the medallion with ribbon and hot-glued it to the trophy.  The beaded edges are just plastic beds glued onto the trophy(spray painted afterwards.)  The stars along the bottom of the trophy are pop-dotted stickers that I painted over.  The handles were plastic ladel handles, glued on, then spray painted.

Our family!

 This was her softball team!  Little cuties!

 Thanks for looking!

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