Friday, December 30, 2016

Football Mum

Freshman cuties!

Let's start out with the finished product!  Here is my son with his beautiful girlfriend wearing the mum that I made for her!  Aren't they precious?!

 Here is a closer pic, although I know it is a bit hard to see, I think because of all of the black items that don't show up too well.  Anyway, the mum itself was white and gold.  I put a little black teddy bear in the middle of the flower.  She had her OWN little mum, and I made it light up!

 I spent quite a bit of time and effort on this one!  I think it was getting borderline gaudy, even then, I put a few more items on it!  ha

 Here is the whole thing, but again, all of the parts aren't even showing up.  I put around 5 lights on it, and it was "lit"!  lol
Thanks for looking!

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