Friday, December 30, 2016

Football Time in Texas...a football WREATH

 As soon as football season started this fall, I tried my hand at this Football/Mum wreath.
I purchased the base wreath at Michael's with some ribbons already on it.  I added a few more ribbons to get the colors I wanted...Gold and Black...colors for Mansfield High School, where my son attends and plays football!

 I knew I would want something on the wreath to add interest, so I made this small mum to put on the side of it.  I used a little tiger in the middle, and it has lights(you can't see them)!

 I was really practicing up, as I knew my son would be asking his girlfriend out for Homecoming, and that I would get to make her mum.  This one was a small one compared to the one I made her, but it was fun, and I liked the way it looked on our door.

As not to leave my daughter out, I let her put a couple of blue ribbons on the wreath to represent Wester Middle School, also!
 Overall, I was pretty pleased, and I'll be pulling this wreath back out again next year at football time!
Thanks for looking!

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